14th Apr 2022

Discover Global Energy Services (Day 4) - Energy Transition

We recently sat down with Graham Holloway, General Manager at Global Energy Services, to have a quick chat about about the business and the future of energy.

Graham said: "Global Energy Services was originally founded to facilitate the oil and gas sector by offering clients offshore support and shipyard services. GES remains focused on supporting their oil and gas clients but has, over the last few years, been on a journey with growing exposure to clients fully emersed in renewables."

He continued: "GES recognises that there is significant opportunity for offshore wind to have a long-term future particularly in the local area. The majority of the offshore windfarm leases are within a workable distance of the Cromarty Firth, which creates potential for jobs. Not only will this mean that people who currently work in oil and gas can use their existing skills to transition into these jobs, but more importantly it also gives school leavers a fantastic career path without having to leave the area."

Graham concluded:"In the transition to renewables, how we work and how we support and engage with our clients does not change – we remain committed to our core values of demonstrating integrity and respect, inspiring creativity and hunger, encouraging humility, resolute on safety and quality, and create opportunities for our people. These values are at the foundation of everything we do, ensuring we deliver quality, safety-focused and time critical solutions to all our clients."