15th Apr 2022

Discover Global Energy Services (Day 5) - Q&A with Donnie Mackay

Would you like to know what it's like to work at Global Energy Services? We recently caught up with Donnie Mackay, Rope Access Manager, for a Q&A!

Q1. What's your name?

“Donnie Mackay”

Q2. What’s your work history to date and what’s your current role at Global Energy Services?

“I am the Rope Access Manager for Global Energy Services. I have been involved in the working at height, rope access sector for coming up to 20 years. I’ve worked in several different markets including, Oil and Gas, Geotechnical, Renewables & Civil works. My role has been varied and types have worked have included, but not been limited to maintenance, construction, rigging & lifting, project management & training.”

Q3. Can you describe a typical working day at Global Energy Services?

“I don’t have a typical working day as all days are different. However, most of my current time is spent on site at the Port of Nigg due to a major project. I will organise teams and manpower for the needs of the site. I like to walk the worksite at Nigg every couple of days. In between this, I will carry out work on procedures, organise teams and methodologies for future project works along with supporting other teams on & offshore.”

Q4. What’s your favourite, or the most exciting part of your job?

“Having to be reactive and make decisions quickly.”

Q5. What three personality traits define you, and how do these relate to your job?

“Approachable, thinker, friendly. I would like to think I’m very approachable to everyone on site and would try and help in any way possible. Sometimes I can be quite reserved on calls to clients, however this is because I am a thinker (planning things out in my head) and then later will come back with the answer or solution. Being friendly and having a friendly environment to work in brings the most out in a workplace and makes a stronger team.”

Q6. What’s the biggest misconception people have about your job?

“The biggest misconception is that I just work on rope access scopes. The background work is often underestimated, with a lot of time spent on procedures and task specific methodologies required for different work scopes, & support for various projects not just one. Other aspects include project planning, personnel logistics, costings & ways to become more efficient in future projects.”

Q7. Who or what inspired you to peruse the career you have today?

“Working at height was a new and exciting challenge with different risks & challenges attached compared to normal work scopes at ground level.”

Q8. Can you provide details of a professional accomplishment at Global Energy Services that you are proud of?

“Assisting in achieving our IRATA accreditation, which involved changing and improving procedures and documentation and assisting in the audit.”

Q9. What inspires you, and do you have any personal goals that you are hoping to achieve?

“Inspiration comes from the team around me and the drive to make our unit succeed.”

Q10. Do you have any professional goals/aspirations for the industry?

“I would like to experience other sides of the Group and how they operate in comparison to our business unit. I believe you can take some good from the way others work and better yourself and your side of the business.”

Q11. What motivates and energises you at work?

“Being part of a small team and watching projects being delivered successfully.”

Q12. What attracted you to work for Global Energy Group?

“The prospect of an exciting new challenge. I have worked for the Group for many years as a sub-contractor and now I am privileged to be a member of staff.”

Q13. Working at Global Energy Services, what’s one thing that has surprised you?

“With a small team you can achieve a lot. Every link in a chain is an important one.”

Q14. What advice would you give someone who has just joined Global Energy Services/Global Energy Group?

“Never panic. Keep a clear head and things will work out. Go with your gut instinct.”

Q15. Who do you look up to within the Group and why?

“Iain Macleod has been a big help and inspiration when stepping into this new role. He was a great mentor and always takes the time out to help you when you need it regardless of what he has going on at the time.”

Q16. Which company Core Value means to the most to you and why?

“Encourage Humility - to have a successful team you need a fine balance and recognise the capabilities of people and their needs to progress further and help the on their way. To ensure you have a happy workplace, as even the smallest negativity can bring the whole group down.”

Q17. Relating back to your role, can you give an example of one of our core Values played out in practice?

“I have had the privilege to see lots of younger Rope Access techs progress through their careers giving them encouragement & coaching along the way, which demonstrates creating opportunities for our people.”

Q18. During your career, what is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“Always treat others, colleagues and clients, the way you would like to be treated.”