3rd Feb 2022

We're Supporting Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day

Did you know that in any given year, one in four of us will experience a problem with our mental health? Here at Global Energy Group, we want to end mental health discrimination. We want everyone to talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when it’s needed.

In recognition of this, we are supporting Time to Talk Day - the nation’s biggest conversation about mental health! Whether it’s one-to-one or with a large group, there are countless ways we can get talking within the workplace. It can be as easy as putting a sticky note on someone’s desk, a spontaneous video call, or side-by-side over a sandwich at lunch.

Change Champions

Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, and Wellbeing all form a critical part of our agenda at Global Energy Group. As part of our approach to increase our focus in these areas, we have a team of Change Champions. This team is made up of individuals from across the business portfolio who truly want to make a difference, both internally and in the local community.

In support of Time to Talk Day, and to help get the conversation started here at Global Energy Group, our Change Champions have teamed up with Emma Tomes, NLP Coach & Mental Health Trainer, of The Helpful Coach to deliver mental health virtual workshops. The first workshop, How to Have Helpful Conversations, took place this afternoon and focused on top techniques on how to have conversations that really make a difference. The second workshop, The Truth About Stress, is scheduled to take place later in the month and will focus on helpful techniques to reduce stress - a better understanding about stress and how to manage it can prevent poor mental health and can improve relationships too.

Time to Talk Day is massively important to our Change Champion, Kieran O’Brien - "From time to time, everyone is affected by dark days. Personally speaking, when my own mental health has taken a knock, I’ve been lucky enough to have a strong network of family and friends to support me – they’re always there at the other side of the phone to cheer me up."

Kieran, a Graduate Process Engineer for our international engineering consultancy, Magma Products (one of the integral companies within Global E&C), added: "Normalising discussions about mental health should always be encouraged – you never know how someone is really feeling until you speak to them. Time to Talk Day creates an opportunity for people across our business to learn the different ways of approaching individuals who may be struggling with their mental health. Learning how to have helpful conversations, can really make a difference."

Q&A with Kieran O'Brien

Tell us about you… what’s name and your work history to date?

My name is Kieran O’Brien and I’m a graduate process engineer for Magma Products, one of the integral companies within Global E&C. I’ve worked for MP since I graduated in June 2020 with a Masters in Chemical Engineering.

In 2021 I was part of the Finlaggan start-up team, a two well subsea project owned by NEO Energy which tied back to the Harbour operated Britannia Platform. This involved numerous offshore trips as well as starting up the Project as one of the start-Up engineers.​​​​​​

What attracted you to work for Global Energy Group?

As I graduated during the heat of the pandemic, there wasn’t many available options for graduates in the role I wanted to be in.

I was taken on during an industry downturn, so I really appreciate the chance that Global has given me to pursue a career in Process Engineering – something I really wanted to focus on after graduating. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my time working at Global.

What’s your current role and can you describe a typical working day?

I am currently working on the Thistle EDC as part of the Global E&C Process Engineering team.

Which of our Core Values means to the most to you, and why?

“Create opportunities for our people” is the core value that means the most to me. It shows Global E&C has a strong positive culture towards their staff and that’s why I feel I could grow my own career with Global - I want to be able to have the freedom to explore new opportunities that will allow me to learn and gain experience from.

How long have you been a Change Champion, and why did you want to become one?

I’ve been with the Change Champions for just over a year now. I wanted to become one because it would allow me to work and interact with people that I normally wouldn’t be in contact with.

What three personality traits define you, and how do these relate to being a Change Champion?

Three personality traits that define me would be: Sporty, approachable, and optimistic. The trait that relates the most to being a Change Champion is ‘optimistic’. Being an optimist, I see the positive side of things. Optimism also opens my mind to new ideas, new experiences, and new possibilities. As a Change Champion, being an optimist can change our businesses, and lives, for the better.