28th Jan 2022

Emerging Leader Programme + Q&A with Ally MacDonald

Following the success of our December assessment centre, this week saw our Emerging Leaders gather for the first time to attend our Emerging Leader Programme.

Run by our Talent & Leadership Partners, Ashley Baxter and Mark Muir, the sessions focused upon fundamental leadership skills, and explored how we choose to ‘show up’ for our people.

Activities included a trip to our Port of Nigg facility (one of Scotland's most important energy industry facilities which is recognised for its world-class multi-sector capability), and was concluded with a visit from our Chairman Roy MacGregor and People and Culture Director Christine Cochrane, who shared their individual leadership journeys.

Here at Global Energy Group, we are excited to provide sustainable growth for the future by investing in our people today!

Course Module Feedback

"Really enjoyed the interactive parts. A great way to learn."

"Great enthusiasm from Ashley and Mark. Made the course enjoyable and easy to follow."

"Supportive atmosphere that encouraged discussion."

"Ashley and Mark delivered the presentations excellently - kept me well engaged. I really enjoyed the interactive elements."

"Nice and Supportive atmosphere. Good mix of visual, audio and activity."

"Encouragement to voice opinion, making it a safe place to jump out of your comfort zone."

"Very well paced and easy to digest. Feel more confident. Looking forward to more!"

Q&A With Emerging Leader, Ally MacDonald

Tell us about you… what’s your work history to date?

"When football career didn’t go as planned, I completed a scholarship in the US, earning a degree in Business focusing in Finance & Accounting. After graduating, I worked as an Accounts Assistant in between two spells at CRC-Evans, where I performed the role of a Commercial Project Manager and Proposals Engineer. Since 2018, I have worked for Global Energy Group in a cost control capacity."

Who or what inspired you to peruse the career you have today?

"In terms of choosing to focus my degree in finance, I owe that credit to a former professor back in university. But I have been inspired by many people - from family, friends and colleagues, to sportsman and people I don’t even know personally."

Can you provide details of a professional accomplishment in the group that you are proud of?

"Prior to working with NEP, I worked with Access and Coating for around two years. Outwith being in a team that delivered many successful projects, I take a sense of accomplishment in believing that I left my role in a better place than I inherited it."

What inspires you, and do you have any personal goals that you are hoping to achieve?

"I take joy in seeing people being successful in all walks of life, and their success coupled with my own ambitions inspires me to want to achieve more. A short term goal is that I am looking to complete the CIMA qualification and progress my role within Global."

What motivates and energises you at work?

"I am motivated at work by professional growth. With the changes taking place within Global, the shift into a more renewable energy focus, and the potential within the Port of Nigg, I want to continue to learn and develop to best prepare myself for the opportunities that may arise during this transition."

Which of our Core Values means the most to you and why?

"Demonstrate Integrity and Respect. Although I believe these values should be demonstrated in everyday life, there is a number of reasons why these are important in a working environment. Ultimately it helps create a positive culture, where staff work well together, trust and have respect for one another which in turn, can create success for all stakeholders."