17th Feb 2022

Discover Apollo: Day 4 - Sustainable Energy

We recently sat down with Apollo’s Sustainable Energy Director, Nigel Robinson, to have a quick chat about Apollo and the future of energy.

Nigel said: “From offshore renewables to onshore transmission, Apollo is an established part of the Sustainable Energy sector. When engaging Apollo, clients access an enviable track record of support to seventeen offshore wind farms, a diversity of marine energy devices, hydrogen, P2X and CCUS plant, as well as fully transferrable expertise from other energy sectors.”

“The Apollo approach is to be nimble and responsive. In this rapidly evolving sector, each project presents new technical challenges, and we are on hand to deploy our technical expertise and practical know-how. For instance, we recently performed comparative reviews of three Floating Offshore Wind hull designs for a client as part of their decision gateway. Applying our background in marine technology and naval architecture we were able to immediately add value, identifying key risk areas on this critical aspect of the development.”

“Apollo is a perfect mix of big thinkers and practical engineers. Our engineering teams work across the life cycle of projects, from feasibility and concepts through to design, offshore construction and operations. We understand the drive to reduce LCOE and actively bring learning from all sectors towards that aim. With our affiliated Global Energy Group partners, the flexibility and range of the service offering is unique.”

“One reason I love working at Apollo is the attitude of staff and their investment in customer relationships. Our aim is to build success today, and in the future, for all stakeholders on a project. We want our clients to see us as their first point of call when they need engineering support, locally or globally. It is written into our core values.“

Matt Hindle, Head of Net Zero & Sustainability at Wales & West Utilities and one of Apollo's clients said, “I wanted to add my personal thanks for your commitment to our project. I really appreciate the effort and thought that’s gone into it, and the way you’ve marshalled everything and everyone."

Nigel concludes: “In my opinion, the Energy Transition requires the skills, resources and investment of today to help build a viable, sustainable source of power for the future. And we need to keep the lights on while doing so. 2022 has seen a transformation in the amount of focus and commitment to making all this happen. Apollo’s engineering, resourcing and project toolkit is on hand to support the industry as it builds a sustainable future.”