15th Feb 2022

Discover Apollo: Day 2 - Capabilities

Apollo is a front-end and through-life service provider that enables clients easy access to a highly-skilled advisory and engineering capability across the energy industry and through the energy transition.

In key locations across the UK, Apollo is the market leader in oil and gas, offshore renewables, industrial decarbonisation and nuclear technology. Apollo’s enviable track record in sustainable energy encompasses wind, wave and tidal developments, hydrogen and CCUS technology. Now entering their 12th year, the company continues to grow, increasing revenue 20% year on year.

Remaining active in a range of oil and gas exploration and production work, Apollo's teams have implemented new methodologies and engineering in asset life extension, electrification, decarbonisation and decommissioning. Engineers are ready to support clients with a range of value-adding services from concept and FEED to detailed designs, integrity assurance, expert consultancy, and project management. Apollo has managed projects ranging from 1-2 single discipline scopes to 50 people multi-discipline projects over multiple years.

Beyond engineering, Apollo’s digital applications offerings, particularly Apollo KnowHow™ and PASS, are increasingly used on North Sea Assets, with a first international deployment delivered during 2021. Another important part of the company's profile is a Technical Placements service, where they provide expert resourcing to support growing clients requirements for integrated operations, up to TA level.

With partners across the Global Energy Group, Apollo offers an inimitable, future proofed, integrated service option.