14th Feb 2022

Discover Apollo: Day 1 - About

Are you familiar with our Aberdeen-based engineering business, Apollo? As an advisory, front-end and through-life engineering business, Apollo supports clients right across the energy spectrum.

Acquired by Global Energy Group in 2019, Apollo works with clients across Hydrogen and CCUS, Nuclear and Oil and Gas, and also drives the energy transition by supporting offshore wind, wave, and tidal projects, and onshore operations.

Ryan Menzies, Managing Director, said: "We come to work every day to solve problems. We listen and understand our client’s issues. We appreciate that budgets can be limited, and deadlines are tight but here at Apollo, we believe we have the correct attitude to make it work. We are here to give answers, not more questions."

He added: “We decided to join up with Global almost three years ago now and it has been a great success. This is not a surprise, and a key factor is the strong alignment of core values. Whilst we operate somewhat independently in the group, we work closely with the fabrication businesses to provide design/build solutions in traditional and emerging markets. We have an integrated delivery model with Global E&C where we support on consultancy and front-end engineering across their project portfolio."

Apollo has ongoing projects in hydrogen, nuclear, tidal power, offshore wind (fixed and floating), as well as some emerging areas such as P2X, battery storage and onshore industrial decarbonisation. And of course, Apollo remains active in the oil and gas sector. They say variety is the spice of life and you certainly get that variety with us!

In the coming days, we look forward to sharing more Apollo content with you... keep your eyes peeled for a Thought Leadership piece by Sustainable Energy Director, Nigel Robinson and an employee Q&A with engineer, Chloe Pearson!

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