16th Jun 2023

Emerging Leader Programme: Get Acquainted with Kirstin Gault, Marketing Specialist

Designed for ambitious professionals aspiring to be in a leadership role, our blended learning 12-month Emerging Leader programme encourages participants to think beyond the confines of their current role and area of responsibility, broadening their horizons to embrace the mindset of a future leader.

Throughout the duration of the programme, we are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to get to know the individuals who are participating. Without any further delay, it is our pleasure to introduce Kirstin Gault!

Tell us about you… what’s your work history to date?

With over 7 years of experience in marketing, I am a seasoned professional who brings expertise as a Marketing Specialist at GEG Capital and Global Energy Group. Since joining in October 2021, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring businesses in industries such as renewables, oil & gas, infrastructure, construction, and recruitment.

Previously, I worked as a Digital Marketing Executive for Savills at Eastgate Shopping Centre, which serves the largest shopping catchment area in the United Kingdom. Prior to that, I gained invaluable experience as an Events & Marketing Assistant and a Marketing & Merchandise Coordinator at Knockando Woolmill, a historic working woollen mill dating back to 1784, renowned for its traditional tweeds and classic woollen blankets.

Who or what inspired you to peruse the career you have today?

Approaching the final years of high school, I found myself uncertain about which path to embark on, as I lacked a clear calling for a specific industry or job. A few years prior, I had the opportunity to do work experience, but quickly discovered that a job involving children was definitely not for me!

However, during my final year at Milne's High School, I took Media as a subject and discovered a genuine passion for it. I enjoyed analysing films and understanding why certain shots were used in scenes. Around the same time, I also developed a love for photography and took evening classes at the local college to learn the skill of processing photos in the darkroom, which I found highly enjoyable.

In my quest to obtain clarity in choosing a career in media, I took the initiative to arrange a shadowing opportunity with a journalist at a local newspaper. This invaluable experience granted me first-hand exposure of conducting interviews, gathering information, and crafting compelling stories that resonated with the readership.

Motivated by my interests and experiences, I made the decision to pursue further education in this field. I enrolled at North East Scotland College, where I obtained an HND in Media with Communications. Building upon this foundation, I continued my studies at Robert Gordon University, earning a BA(Hons) in Media.

Can you provide details of a professional accomplishment in the group that you are proud of?

A professional accomplishment I am proud of is successfully balancing full-time work while studying to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional through the Digital Marketing Institute.

This comprehensive course provided me with valuable knowledge and skills in various areas, including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, YouTube and Display Ads, Email Marketing, Website Optimisation, Google Analytics, and Digital Marketing Strategy.

I take pride in fostering strong working relationships with the businesses within our portfolio, and these new skills have enabled me to better support and advise, effectively communicating and demonstrating the importance of marketing.

What inspires you, and do you have any personal goals that you are hoping to achieve?

I find inspiration in nature because it is always adapting, it also fills me with awe and reminds me of how vast the world is. This feeling that the world is so much bigger than we can comprehend leads to "expansive thinking," which allows me to consider different perspectives and can lead to innovative ideas. This aligns with my personal goal of expanding my love for photography, particularly in capturing the beauty of the natural world – with each click, I aim to inspire others with what I see through my camera lens.

Moreover, I have a strong desire to learn and grow, which is why I am excited to be part of the Emerging Leader Programme. By stepping out of my introvert comfort zone, I am looking forward to being able to think beyond my current role and responsibilities and develop the mindset of a future leader.

During the programme, I’ve discovered that my reported MBTI type is ISTJ, which means I value traditions and loyalty. I have a quiet and serious personality, and I achieve success through thoroughness and dependability. I am practical, matter-of-facts, and focused on realistic solutions. I also take pleasure in bringing order and organisation to everything I do.

What motivates and energises you at work?

The opportunity to impress and exceed the expectations of my line manager, the Director of Comms & Marketing, and other business leaders within the portfolio serves as a genuine motivator, energising me to excel in my role.

I also draw energy from ensuring that everything I work on is completed to the best of my ability and within the designated time frame. Holding myself to high standards keeps me motivated, ensuring tasks are executed accurately which showcases my organisational skills and reliability.

Furthermore, having great colleagues around me on a daily basis is a strong source of motivation. My colleagues at work are always supporting and looking out for one another, which are qualities I consider essential in a workplace. Their presence creates a positive atmosphere and inspires me to perform at my best.

Sarah Dunn, Marketing & Communications Director for Global Energy Group | GEG Capital Limited, commented:"Following the positive impact of the programme last year, I was thrilled to nominate Kirstin for the Emerging Leaders Programme 2023. Since joining the group Kirstin has displayed natural leadership skills and a professional demeanour leading to impressive accomplishments. I am confident that Kirstin will grab this opportunity with both hands, I look forward to seeing her grow both personally and professionally. Best wishes to all the new Emerging Leaders, as they embark on their journey this year."