2nd May 2022

Emerging Leader Programme + Q&A with Colin Dick

Continuing their journey of creating purpose, our Emerging Leaders have been focussing on Market Analysis. Developed by our Talent and Leadership Partners, Ashley Baxter and Marc Muir, the session focused on honing our Emerging Leaders presentations skills and building their understanding of the importance of market analysis.

The session took place at Ross County Football Club where Iain Sinclair, Executive Director of Renewable and Energy Transition and Ewen Pryde, General Manager for North Fabrication, shared their views on the importance of market analysis and how this impacts strategy. Both Iain and Ewen also shared insights from their leadership journey.

Session Feedback

"Market analysis was a new topic for me, so very interesting."

"Very informative. Enjoyed the knowledge Iain shared with us."

"Interesting talk. Good slide content. Presentations were engaging."

"Good insight from Ewen and great idea to have feedback forms for the presentations."

Q&A With Emerging Leader, Colin Dick

Tell us about you… what’s your work history to date?

"I started off as a multi-disciplined operative for an industrial cleaning company based in Alness. This involved me working both on and offshore on rig maintenance projects. I did my first NEBOSH certificate in 2012. I managed to get a trainee Safety Officer position with the company I worked for. I was lucky enough to be heavily involved with the a large FPSO project (Haewene Brim) at Nigg which lasted a lot longer than it was supposed to! However, it allowed me to build relationships with other HSE Advisors on the project. After the project I started working for Global Energy Services as a contractor on a couple of rig projects at Nigg, then a rig project in Invergordon.

"After that, in 2015, I worked on a rotation in the Netherlands during the commissioning phase of the lifting beams onboard the heavy lift and pipelay vessel, Pioneering Spirit. On completion of the commission phase the vessel undertook decommissioning, installation and pipelay projects in Russia, Turkey and Scandinavia for Shell, BP, Repsol and Gazprom."

"After five years working abroad, I returned to the UK sector and did some short rotations offshore back in the North Sea and a small decommissioning project at an oil terminal. In 2020 I began working for Global Marine (now Scaffold and Access which is part of Global Energy Services) as the HSE Manager, which is my current position. I also have involvement with the Port of Nigg as a shared resource."

Who or what inspired you to peruse the career you have today?

"In my early days as an Industrial Operative, I started to speak regularly HSE Advisors on rig projects on and offshore. I began developing an interest for Health and Safety. I was lucky enough to meet supportive HSE Advisors who encouraged me to pursue a career In Safety. A lot of them I still keep in contact with. One in particular, would even let me walk round with him and observe his START tour conversations with the crew and site inspections (much to the annoyance of my shift supervisor!)."

"If it wasn’t for support from people like that, I might of chosen a different career path. Even now I am extremely grateful for the support I received early on in my career. The support I received left a lasting impression on me which I now replicate with anyone wishing to purse a career in Health and Safety."

Can you provide details of a professional accomplishment in the group that you are proud of?

"Reaching 3,000 days with no lost time incidents (LTIs). A massive achievement to reach and a testament to the personnel working on projects who perform high risk work (rope access and scaffolding) every day."

What inspires you, and do you have any personal goals that you are hoping to achieve?

"Successful people inspire me. Not only for their achievements but the road to get to where they are. I get inspired by the adversities, challenges and knock backs they have received on their journey and how they overcame them."

"I’m awaiting the results of my extended research proposal for the final stages of Master’s Degree that’s been keeping me busy for a while now. The course itself has been ongoing for 3 years, so it would be great to final achieve that goal. In addition, I want to keep improving on areas I believe need to improve on as part of my personnel development."

What motivates and energises you at work?

"Continuous improvement. I am motivated to continuously improve existing processes as part of the HSEQ team we have at Nigg. I enjoy when we bounce ideas off each other, implementing the ideas and overcoming challenges. The team environment we have at Nigg is open and honest, which I feel is healthy and has made our team gel together. I enjoy working with the team we have and that in turn motives and energises me."

Which of our Core Values means the most to you and why?

"Encourage Humility – This core value aligns with my own person values. Being respectful to all personnel regardless of your/their job title. Everyone has an important part to play within the organisation within their teams."