27th Apr 2021

The Global Incubator

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new internal initiative across all of our businesses, The Global Incubator. ​​​​​

Set up by our CEO, Tim Cornelius, the Global Incubator is run by a panel of employees from various parts of the business and is a chance for employees that want to turn their idea, concept or start-up into a reality. The Incubator welcomes any employee or group of employees to pitch new business ideas, concepts or process changes to the panel and if deemed visible the panel will help the business or idea become a reality, whether that be through R&D, investment or resource.

With applications already coming in, we look forward to sharing some of the success stories with you as they progress.
Click the below video to find out more about the Global Incubator from our CEO, Tim Cornelius and People & Culture Director, Christine Cochrane.

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