25th Jan 2022

Scotwind: The Results Are In!

On Monday 17th January, Crown Estate Scotland Confirmed the Outcome of the Scotwind Auction

With 17 projects selected out of a total of 74 applications, the first leasing of Scottish waters for offshore wind energy in a decade will enable the next generation of windfarms to be developed – something our industry has been working towards for a considerable number of years.

The results of the ScotWind leasing application process comes just a few months after COP26 in Glasgow, which highlighted the colossal opportunity that Scotland has to transform the energy industry, whist also moving towards net zero.

With just over 7,000km2 areas of seabed allocated by the project, and with initial indications suggesting a multi-billion-pound supply chain investment in Scotland, the much-anticipated announcement is tremendously significant for Global Energy Group, specifically the Port of Nigg.

The Port of Nigg, strategically located in the Cromarty firth, is equipped and ready to seize the opportunities created by ScotWind and is looking forward to working with the successful bidders in sustaining a positive economic impact in the Highlands, and Scotland, for years to come.

Iain Sinclair, Executive Director of Renewables and Energy at Global Energy Group, said:

"To the casual industry observer, last week’s historic announcement could be seen as the start of an exciting process and that only now the hard work begins. The reality is however, that each and every successful bid, was the culmination of many years of planning by the developers, with significant investment in time and resources by the Scottish supply chain, to support applications and demonstrate localisation capability.

At GEG I am immensely proud of the role our teams have played in support of the successful bidders and we look forward to firming up positions in the coming months with our project partners in the delivery of the commitments made.

I would also like to acknowledge our developer partners that were unsuccessful in this round and to offer GEG’s continued support for future rounds."
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