7th Nov 2019

New People & Culture Team get Rigged Out!

The newly expanded People & Culture Team visited Nigg Energy Park as part of a group wide experience expedition. This gave the team the fantastic opportunity to tour the Well-Safe Guardian and meet some of the team involved in the project. Christine Cochrane, Lynda Mackenzie, Leanne Mutch and Lee André met Iain Macleod, Global Energy’s QHSE at Nigg, who showed them around the semi-submersible platform.

The team scaled the 100 ft plus scaffold stair tower to reach the platform and immediately saw the hive of activity that goes on around the clock for the repairs and refit of this capping rig. Iain explained the processes of the various projects on board and the different divisions responsible for each.

The sights from the rig were amazing. Being on the helipad gave the team a marvellous view over Nigg Energy Park and the Cromarty Firth. It is sight that they will not forget.

Even though the rig teams were very busy, they made time to chat with P&C team and even have one to join in the group photo.

At the end of the visit everyone in the team gained a deeper understanding and respect for the Offshore Teams and what they do.