3rd Feb 2022

Great Coastal Railway Journeys: Michael Portillo Visits the Port of Nigg

Great Coastal Railway Journeys
Series 1, Episode 8: Invergordon to Tain

In this episode, Michael Portillo heads to the Port of Nigg and meets our very own Steve Chisholm, Director of Operations and Innovation. He learns how the area and personnel have moved away from oil and gas to renewables, and also marvels at the colossal scale of the wind turbines that are ready to be transported offshore!

Steve Chisholm, commented: The Port of Nigg "started off in oil and gas in the early seventies. From as early as 2004 onwards, we started to see the beginnings of prototype pre-production work being done in renewables."

He added: "The thing that's really rewarding about the rebirth of this as a yard and the fast growth that's happening in renewables, is that a lot of those people, whether they're tradesmen, whether they're engineers, are actually coming back into the country and into the region to carry on in this next wave of industrial regeneration."

This episode can be watched on BBC iPlayer.