30th Jun 2022

Discover Global Wind Projects (Day 4: Q&A with Kevin McAlonan)

Kevin McAlonan, Head of Wind Operations, gives us insight into what it's like to work for Global Wind Projects — a division of Global Port Services that supports the installation and commissioning of both onshore and offshore wind turbines.

What’s your name?

Kevin McAlonan

Tell us about you… what’s your work history to date?

I started off my career in the construction industry and served my time as an electrician. In 2011 I made the move into the Wind Industry and worked on onshore and pre-assembly installation projects as a Site Manager, then moved into operations management.

What’s your current role at GWP and can you describe a typical working day?

I am working as Head of Wind Operations. My basic working day is to ensure the site and projects are running as they should, making sure the correct resources and processes are in place and being followed. Most importantly, I make sure that we are delivering a quality service to our customers.

What’s your favourite, or the most exciting part of your job?

I enjoy implementing new methods of carrying out tasks. I am passionate about lean management and use both my field and operations management experience to identify more efficient processes and executing in practice.

What three personality traits define you, and how do these relate to your job?

I'm passionate and driven, both of which are essential to the successful delivery of projects and running a successful business."

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your job?

That I only plan resource, this is an important aspect of my job but there are many more hidden challenges.

Who or what inspired you to peruse the career you have today?

My brother Frank was running a wind installation crew and needed an electrician, and I fancied a change from general construction work. Frank took me under his wing, and I learned a lot about the wind industry and cranes and things took off from there.

Can you provide details of a professional accomplishment at GWP that you are proud of?

Getting this wind division up and running. It was a shot in the dark and I was very grateful that Roy McGregor, Cameron Coutts and Ali Gordon gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves and to show what we can do.

Do you have any professional goals / aspirations for the industry?

A professional aspiration is to make Global Wind Projects, with the help of the Global Energy Group, one of the key players in the UK & Irish Wind sectors.

What motivates and energises you at work?

Progress – I love to see good operational results.

What attracted you to work for a business that is a part of Global Energy Group?

I was the Site Manager for a company on the Beatrice preassembly and worked closely alongside Global Energy Group at the Port of Nigg. The project was a success, and it was an enjoyable project to be a part of. I seen first-hand what resources the Group had and the missing part of the puzzle was an installation services.

Working at GWP, what’s one thing that has surprised you?

The size of the Group itself and the number of services it has to offer.

What advice would you give someone who has just joined GWP, or one of our other divisions?

Aim to learn as much as possible and seize any opportunities that present themselves.

Who do you look up to within the company (GWP or Global Energy Group), and why?

Sandra Dalziel, I like her personality, she holds nothing back, is very passionate and takes her role in the company very serious. She has kept me right when I needed it.

Which of our Core Values means to the most to you and why?

Demonstrate Integrity and respect – If you do not have this you have nothing, I believe in being fair and respectful to everyone. In today’s world this is often overlooked.

Relating back to your role, can you give an example of one of our core Values played out in practice?

Creating opportunities for our people – With the division starting and growing, this has presented opportunities for our team to grow into new roles and upskill themselves.

During your career, what is the best piece of advice you have received?

It takes all sorts of people to make the world go around.