15th Sept 2023

Emerging Leaders Define Their Distinctive Brands and Value Propositions

Emerging Leaders

Last week, our Emerging Leaders met in Glasgow to complete a session on "Own Your Brand", which is part of the "Create Purpose" focus area of the 12-month programme. Developed and facilitated by our Organisational Development Manager, Ashley Baxter, the session emphasised identifying and defining the participants' distinctive brands and value propositions. Each Emerging Leader also gave a 5-minute presentation on their organisation, individual role, or team.

We would like to thank our guest speaker, Derek McNab, Managing Director of Mabbett, who shared a presentation on the importance of embracing personal values, being authentic, and being mindful of the impact we have on others. Packed with advice, tips, best practices, business case studies, and strategic insights, Derek also gifted our Emerging Leaders with a copy of "Embrace the Space: Inspirational insight from a decade of delivering social media training to businesses that give a damn!" by Gary Ennis and Colin Kelly.

After each session, we invite our Emerging Leaders to provide feedback. Here's a highlight from their comments: "Listening to everyone's presentations offered valuable insights into their respective roles, and it was beneficial to learn best practices for presenting before diving into them ourselves. Derek's talk on personal and company branding was really inspirational."