19th Apr 2024

A Decade of Dedication: A Conversation with Iain MacLeod - Head of HSEQ at Global Energy Group

In celebration of his decade-long service with Global Energy Group, Iain MacLeod, Head of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ), shares insights into his tenure, the evolving HSEQ landscape, and the organisation’s commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability.

Can you reflect on your journey with Global Energy Group and the significant milestones during your tenure?

"My journey with Global Energy Group began in September 2013 when I joined as a Health & Safety contractor in Invergordon, supporting Global Energy Services. Recognising the organisation’s potential and commitment to safety, I was approached to become a full-time member of staff in January 2014. In 2015, I progressed to HSEQ Manager and assumed the role of Head of HSEQ in December 2020, overseeing activities at the Port of Nigg, including Global Energy Services and GEG Fabrication. Over the years, I've witnessed a transformative shift from Oil & Gas to Renewables, particularly in Offshore Wind projects."

How have you seen the industry evolve, especially with the transition from Oil & Gas to Renewables, and what challenges does this present from an HSEQ perspective?

"The industry's evolution towards Renewables, especially Offshore Wind, has been substantial. These projects are not only growing in size but also in complexity. From turbine components to installation vessels, logistics, and land requirements, each facet poses unique HSEQ challenges. Managing over 2.6GW of offshore wind assets at the Port of Nigg, including major projects like Beatrice, Moray East, Seagreen, and Moray West, has enhanced our focus on HSEQ and demonstrates GEG's pivotal role in the energy transition."

Global Energy Group is known for its strong HSEQ culture. How does the company uphold its HSEQ commitment?

"Being 'Resolute on Safety & Quality' is ingrained in GEG's core values. Proactive investments in critical HSEQ initiatives showcase this commitment. From providing quality Local Exhaust Ventilation systems and air-fed masks for welders in fabrication facilities, to the introduction of 'Safe Pro Equipment' to monitor solo workers via GPS, the business maintains its dedication to protecting our workforce. GEG also holds accreditations in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, reinforcing our commitment to benchmark international standards."

Could you elaborate on the digitalisation of HSEQ and the implementation of new operating systems?

"Digitalisation has been a game-changer for HSEQ. We've successfully implemented new operating systems such as 'Sologic - Root Cause Analysis,' automating incident investigations and providing solutions to HSEQ issues. This technological advancement streamlines our processes, enhancing efficiency and, most importantly, reinforcing our commitment to safety. The digital era has opened avenues to improve procedures and support operations."

Can you share more about your role as Deputy Port Facility Security Officer for the Port of Nigg and how it aligns with the facility’s safety measures?

"Being Deputy Port Facility Security Officer for an ISPS Port like the Port of Nigg is crucial. Security is integral to overall safety, and my role ensures compliance with the Department of Transport compliance regulations. It aligns with GEG's focus on protecting people and the environment. We're not just safeguarding our operations but also contributing to the broader security of the port and its surroundings."

What are some achievements or initiatives you are particularly proud of in your role at Global Energy Group?

"One highlight was helping to organise the first-ever Community Open Day at the Port of Nigg, attended by over 1,000 locals. It was a unique challenge, and ensuring the safety of attendees and vendors was essential. Such events contribute to building trust and transparency within the community. Additionally, rolling out e-learning HSEQ systems, including video site induction and our internal permit system, has significantly enhanced our monitoring and compliance."

Looking ahead, what are the areas of focus for the future in your role, particularly in terms of sustainability?

"Sustainability is a key focus for the future. Working closely with our new Group Sustainability Officer, we're conducting the 'Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme' (ESOS) audit to measure our carbon footprint at Nigg. Identifying ways to reduce our environmental impact aligns with GEG's commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. This initiative reflects our dedication to not only meeting current standards but exceeding them for a greener future."

Iain MacLeod's decade-long journey at GEG is a testament to the company's dedication to safety, quality, and sustainability. As the energy landscape evolves, Global Energy Group, under Iain's leadership, continues to adapt, innovate, and set new standards for HSEQ practices in the industry.

Iain Macleod