16th Feb 2023

Final Foundations Leave Port of Nigg Destined for Scotland’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, Seagreen, has entered the final phases of work after the remaining eight three-legged ‘yellow jacket’ foundation towers were successfully loaded onto barges at our Port of Nigg facility.

Global Port Services fulfilled the storage, marshalling and logistics contracts for the 114, 95m-tall foundation towers on the South Quay at the Port of Nigg, with Seaway 7 transporting the jackets on barges from the port to site located 27km of the Angus coast.

Since the pre-assembly construction project got underway, it has supported more than 100 skilled jobs at the Port of Nigg, delivering a green jobs boost and significant economic benefits to the Highlands and Scotland.

Over 90% of the jacket substructures have been installed with 79 turbines now erected. The remaining eight foundation jackets to be prepared at Nigg will remain on barges until the Wind Orca and the S7000 vessels return to the Seagreen site in spring following a planned break in the programme.

Once operational, Seagreen will become the world’s deepest fixed bottom offshore wind farm and will provide enough clean power for around two thirds of all Scottish homes.

Congratulations to all involved for the loading out of the final jacket for the Seagreen foundation project here at the Port of Nigg. The Seagreen project set a new world record in deploying wind turbines in the deepest water for fixed bottom foundations and is the largest renewables project in Scotland. Completion of the project represents a critical stride forward on our nations drive towards Net Zero.
During this project we have offloaded 114 jackets from the heavy transport vessels, moved them to storage, then successfully loaded them onto barges for installation offshore. Each of these jackets are approximately 90 meters high and over 2000 tons in weight, so the hazards associated with moving them are significant. Health and Safety has been at the core of everything we do, and the collaboration between all the various organisations has been a testament to what can be achieved where there is a common goal, clear direction, and sense of purpose.
I am proud of every single team member who has contributed to the successful completion of this project. I have witnessed first-hand the skill, experience, and dedication the team have displayed to keep things on track, and it is very rewarding to see the team members grow in both ability and confidence as the project has progressed.

Charlie Morrison, Operations Director, Port of Nigg