20th Feb 2024

Port of Nigg West Quay Deepwater Expansion Progresses to Stage 2 of SOWEC’s Strategic Investment Model

Global Energy Group is pleased to announce the progression of the Port of Nigg’s West Quay Deepwater Expansion project to Stage 2 of SOWEC’s Strategic Investment Model (SIM). The project will address the increasing demand for larger deep-water facilities in the UK to support the burgeoning offshore renewables industry.

The project builds upon the existing West Quay at Nigg and will create a new ultra-deep-water berth with a 160m quay at a water depth of 22m Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT). Furthermore, the expansion includes the development of an expansive laydown and storage area spanning 46,860m2, featuring a ground loading capacity of 50mt/m2.

The SIM was established to help deliver transformational growth within Scotland’s offshore wind supply chain through innovative collaboration between offshore wind and INTOG developers, the Scottish Government, enterprise agencies, and Crown Estate Scotland. Stage 2 focuses on ensuring the shortlisted projects have the confidence to make Final Investment Decisions.

Commenting on positive news, Iain Sinclair, Executive Director at Global Energy Group, said:

The vital enabling role that Scotland’s Ports and Harbours will play in supporting national net zero and energy security targets, specifically for offshore wind, is well documented. Being shortlisted to progress to the second stage of the SIM process is welcome confirmation of industry confidence in the Port of Nigg’s strategic role in the industrialisation of offshore wind.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with SOWEC’s investor stakeholders, and all of our Ports and Harbours partners, to deliver the critical enabling infrastructure required to accelerate the deployment of offshore wind in the UK."

Having benefited from over £120m investment by GEG into the ongoing redevelopment and expansion of the Port of Nigg, the facility has played a pivotal role in supporting five major offshore wind projects in Scotland, totalling 2.6GW. This track record has earned Nigg recognition from industry and government, including the awarding of Green Freeport status from the UK and Scottish Governments in 2023.

The proposed expansion will elevate Nigg's capacity to accommodate the evolving landscape of offshore wind structures, including both fixed and floating installations, as well as larger installation vessels.

Central to this development is the establishment of an ultra-deep-water, sea-facing berth, positioning the Port of Nigg as one of the deepest ports in the UK. The expansion will result in a combined addition of 420m of quayside at Nigg, bringing the facility’s total quayside to 1,555m. This transformative project will cement the Port of Nigg as the premier location for existing fixed-bottom offshore wind projects, while actively supporting the industrialisation of floating offshore wind.

SOWEC earlier confirmed that a total of 38 projects - with a potential capital value of £6.5bn - completed Stage 1 of the SIM process. An initial 3 Projects have been invited to move into Stage 2, including the Port of Cromarty Firth in Invergordon, which is a fellow Inverness & Cromarty Firth Green Freeport facility.

The successful progression to Stage Two of the SIM process underscores the strategic significance of the Port of Nigg at the forefront of the national energy transition, supporting the UK’s net zero and energy security targets.

Port of Nigg - West Quay
Port of Nigg - West Quay