Offering IMCA accredited in-shore and offshore solutions using our multi-disciplined diving teams, specialising in: anode replacement programmes, daughter craft system, bespoke cofferdam solutions. Our team can design, fabricate and install cofferdams to fit any scenario worldwide.


Global carries IMCA accreditation as a Diving Contractor and can carry out diving operations in the air range (0m-50m), with an emphasis on Nitrox diving to promote extended bottom times and reduce decompression burdens. 

Our diving spreads allow us to carry out vessel based and daughter craft diving operations, with our new Zone 2 rated areas using our ATEX Spread. Each spread (including the daughter craft) is equipped with a 3-diver Nitrox panel, allowing us to have 2 working-divers with an emergency stand-by diver topside. 

Services include: 

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IRM)
  • Construction
  • Decommissioning Support
  • Salvage and Recover