Wind, Wave & Tidal

Global Energy Group boasts an impressive track record of providing manufacture, assembly and factory acceptance testing services to the renewable energy sector.



Our experienced commercial and project management teams work in partnership with developers to identify and deliver the best project solutions to budget and on schedule whilst never compromising on safety and quality.

As well as assembling turbines and manufacturing and assembling tidal turbine foundations, we supply offshore wind infrastructure products including: metrological masts (truss structures), foundations (jackets, monopolies and spars) c/w J-tubes/I-tubes, transition pieces, towers/nacelle and blade hub (assembly), boat landing platforms c/w bumper bars and associated installation aids (spreader frames, transportation frames) and associated sea-fastenings (grillages and tie-down clamps/gussets).


Global Access & Coatings supports maintenance works to the renewable sector with specialist services delivered to onshore and offshore locations from our Nigg Energy Park facility.

The maintenance services ranging from Coatings repair, Inspection, Clean down, mechanical and electrical repair and installation, weld repair and follow up NDT inspections. All services delivered by a highly skilled GWO compliant workforce and supported by industry best practice operating procedures.


Global Access & Coatings supports specialist access works to the renewable sector with specialist services delivered to onshore and offshore locations from our Nigg energy Park facility.

The requirement to access complex structures to undertake maintenance and inspection works offers many challenges to the renewable market place. These challenges are meet by Global Energy Group Access & Coatings by offering a wide range of specialist access solutions ranging from conventional and system scaffold, Rope access solutions, Tension netting, Modular decking, specialist cradles/basket systems and powered access options thus offering to the market the best available access options to support the maintenance and inspection requirements.


Global Port Services supports the renewable sector with specialist port and logistics management services throughout the UK and at key international locations.

The strategic location of our Nigg Energy Park has attracted numerous renewables companies to the site; benefitting from the deep water quaysides and direct access to substantial laydown areas; on-site engineering and fabrication support, including 700,000m2 of adjoining land; extensive storage, project offices, accommodation and catering services; complemented by an impressive list of heavy mobile and crawler cranes, SPMTs and experienced lifting personnel.

Our Port of Nigg facility is also a key supply chain partner in the delivery and support of offshore wind turbines.

Our Values

Global Energy Group recognise the importance of clear core values that sum up the professional
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