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Marine Projects off to a flying start

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Marine Projects off to a flying start

Thursday 3rd May 2018

The recent departure of Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Patriot marks the conclusion of a very successful rig repair/modification project, which was completed alongside berth five at Nigg Energy Park.

This project started in mid-November, and although it consisted of various engineering and fabrication upgrades, all aimed at enhancing operational capability and regulatory compliance, the main scope of work was undoubtedly the derrick strengthening and dolly track installation.  This particular task, which encompassed all trades and was undertaken in what was, at times, very challenging weather conditions, had an inherent and ever-present potential for dropped objects.  Nevertheless, the job was completed without incident and, considering the scale of the undertaking, is an achievement unheard of in the industry.  Indeed, members of Diamond Offshore’s senior management acknowledge this success and have expressed nothing but well-earned appreciation to Marine Projects.   

A total of close to 90,000 GEG hours were amassed on the Ocean Patriot project, and it is thanks to the professionalism of the entire team that it was accomplished without incident and to the complete satisfaction of the client.