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Supporting Apache in Shutdowns and Turnarounds - Client Feedback

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Supporting Apache in Shutdowns and Turnarounds - Client Feedback

Thursday 8th September 2016

This year we have supported Apache during their summer TAR programmes with the provision of 133 personnel. Below is some great feedback and examples of the positive working relationship Global Energy have has with Apache for delivering the services within schedule and to the client’s expectations.

Apache Tar Manager: 

I would like to thank GEG for their efforts in the delivery of the Forties Alpha & Echo August 2016 Tar. The execution of the activities within the Tar plan presented a major challenge within the 7 Day oil to oil planned timeline. The Alpha team progressed their plant recovery with the NGL/DGL also returning to full optimisation as per plan (9 Days all told). We delivered our Tar safely and on plan thanks to the support from the GEG team both onshore and offshore. I was particularly impressed by the supervision (some young guys with big future`s in Fortie`s) but also the attitude of the workforce in general. We drafted in a number of personnel to join the core team and make up the 60 strong GEG team on Forties Alpha and any concerns we had were proven to be unfounded with regards to attitude and competency.  

The lads were professional in their approach to the task in hand the Safety performance and success of our leak testing phase speaks volumes regarding the competency being applied across the board. We only had minor works for the GEG team on Echo but the same attitude and professionalism was on display.  Well done and I look forward to joining up with the GEG team again for the Forties Bravo Tar commencing 26th August 2016.

Apache Production Manager:  

Together we have delivered a first class performance and I echo those comments. The calibre of the offshore team and their positive attitude underpinned a great performance that has enabled us to resume production operations on time and without incident. My thanks and appreciation go out to the whole GEG team. Thank you for your continued performance and support. 

Mechanical Supervisor:  


I thought I’d drop you a note of appreciation towards the rigging resource that was provided by CPS to the SAGE Maintenance team during the TAR. The team ensured all the tasks were completed within the tight timeframe & more importantly safely.  I must however mention that Gregor Murdoch (Muff) showed great leadership skills & was invaluable throughout nightshift running the nightshift crew. One example of many was Muff`s pro-active action towards safety with the flare tip`s a couple of nights before the change out. The flare tips were sited in preparation for the change out & the wind had picked up through the night.

Muff had recognised that the flare tips could have potentially toppled in the wind, so went up to the flare area to secure by putting blocks of concrete on the bases.

The flare tip change out was the main driver for the TAR, so you can imagine the consequences If they had actually toppled. As you know Muff is a qualified AP(Appointed Person) & completed multiple lift plans during the planning of our TAR all of which was done to a high standard.

SAGE Plant Manager:  


I could highlight all the different successes within the TAR but it would take far too long, I could also single out an embarrassing number of people for special praise but it would take even longer, so on this occasion I think it is fair to generalise our collective success in one short sentence:

“In every respect the most professional and successful Total Plant Shutdown”

So it is pleasure to personally thank everybody who contributed, from core personnel, to support vendors and ad-hoc contract personnel, everyone did their bit. It was a great team effort deserving of more recognition than this short note. A fantastic result – many thanks.