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Andy Samuel officially opens new quayside facilities at Nigg Energy Park

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Andy Samuel officially opens new quayside facilities at Nigg Energy Park

Friday 18th September 2015

As the oil and gas industry goes through difficult times, it is encouraging to see the considerable investment going into the new quayside and facilities at Nigg Energy Park providing this positive step for the energy industries at this difficult time.

OGA Chief Executive Andy Samuel said, "Global Energy's investment to extend its already impressive facility at Nigg is great news for the UK fabrication sector, a critical part of the world-class oil and gas supply chain which supports 375,000 jobs across the UK and contributes billions of pounds to our economy each year. I am also pleased to attend today's meeting of the UK Fabricators' Forum and reaffirm the Oil and Gas Authority's commitment to work with operators and service companies to support the development of a strong supply chain anchored in the UK and competing globally."

In thanking Andy for taking the time to come north, Global Energy Group Chairman Roy MacGregor commented, "we are delighted to have Andy Samuel of the Oil and Gas Authority and the various industry representatives here today to witness our investment in the future. This additional £20 million spend on our 1000 meters deep-water quayside space, enhances the already exceptional dry dock, fabrication and laydown facilities that Nigg Energy Park has to offer. I feel this investment highlights to the oil and gas and wider energy industries we are open and ready for business.

It brings our spend on Nigg Energy Park to over £45 million with our capability and facilities being truly second to none. We were delighted the CEO of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Alex Paterson attended today as it gave me the opportunity to thank HIE for their financial support for this and the wider projects we have completed at Nigg Energy Park. I am also pleased to say we are already enjoying an upsurge in subsea construction vessels alongside the IRM services on rigs coming into the Port of Nigg and taking advantage of these new facilities.

We took the positive step of continuing our strategy of investment in Nigg Energy Park. Albeit appreciating the downturn in the oil and gas industry at the moment and various delays in the emerging renewables business which is causing everyone concern.In doing so, we firmly believe we are sending out the right messages to existing and potential customers within the various energy markets, we have invested heavily in our capability, infrastructure and facilities."

Terry Savage the Vice Co- Chairman of Oil & Gas UK and chairman of the Fabricators Group was very pleased people from the fabrication industry within oil and gas had taken the time to come north for the first ever meeting of the group held in the Highlands and said, "this is a particularly tough time for our industry but this extension to existing facilities is a fine example of where a company has the foresight to invest in modernising its assets and extending its capabilities to ensure it is fit to respond to current and future economic challenges.

The UK fabricators forum will discuss the challenges they are facing. Without doubt fabricators are facing difficult times ahead, so sharing thoughts and ideas on how best to create opportunities for the UK yards is really important."