Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cornelius

I believe in the power of energy to transform lives, enhance communities, advance human progress, and sustain our planet.

My previous roles have included underwater scientific research, commercial diving, submarine escape and rescue, ROV operations, subsea engineering in the oil and gas sector, development of renewable energy projects inclusive of marine, wind, waste to energy and hydro power as well business development and corporate accountability experience gained through various directorship and executive roles within in the global power and infrastructure sector.

I was previously the CEO of SIMEC Atlantis Energy (“Atlantis”), where I am credited with growing the company from start-up in 2005 to one of the UK's most entrepreneurial developers of renewable and sustainable power generation projects.

Do you have any Professional Goals/ Aspirations for the industry?

I believe in the power of energy to transform lives, enhance communities, advance human progress, and sustain our planet. I want to see the global energy sector collaborate and coordinate to reduce and capture emissions, turning them into useful industrial products and manufacturing feedstocks that boost economic growth and job creation.

Do you have any Personal Goals that you are hoping to achieve?

To make a meaningful, positive impact on those around me. I want friends and colleagues to feel that I am a force for good in their lives.

What inspires you?

Land, energy and water are among our most precious resources, but the manner and extent to which they are currently exploited contributes to climate change. A global energy transition is urgently needed to meet the objectives of limiting average global surface temperature increase below 2° Celsius. The implications of the Paris agreement for the energy sector will be profound. We must be prepared as a company as change is inevitable. A transition away from fossil fuels to low-carbon solutions will play an essential role, as energy-related carbon dioxide emissions represent two-thirds of all greenhouse gases.

To play a meaningful role in this energy transition, assisting our customers with their own transition journies whilst creating and safeguarding employment for the long term in the Highlands of Scotland is a challenge I relish and a professional opportunity to important to shy away from. The magnitude of these complex issues and the impact our decisions and actions will have on future generations serve as sources of inspiration and motivation to me, every day.

Why do you work with GEG Group of companies?

The people. Our staff. The fact that our people are so loyal, passionate, dedicated, hardworking, honest and good-natured makes working for GEG an honour and a pleasure.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Time compounds, so use it wisely. Stop complaining, start fixing. Admit when you’re wrong. Be passionately dispassionate. Trust, but verify.

Tim Cornelius