Global Energy Group take an uncompromising approach to protecting our people and the environment. We strive to improve already excellent safety and environmental records while implementing stringent quality standards in everything we do.

Health and Safety Culture

At Global Energy Group we are resolute on health & safety. We value the safety of everyone who works for or with us. We continually strengthen our safety culture and believe that, given the right leadership and communication, all incidents are preventable.

We recognise that individuals are responsible for both their own safety and that of their colleagues. We encourage stakeholders to report unsafe practice without fear of judgement, ceasing activities deemed unsafe until their concerns have been addressed. We investigate undesired events with a no-blame approach, fostering a culture of honesty and openness. We promote hazard and risk awareness, providing ongoing safety and personal development training to enhance competency and maximise safe performance.

Environmental Culture

Global Energy Group are committed to adhering to strict guidelines and operating practices which promote the protection of the environments we work in. Through strong leadership, accountability and awareness we continually strive to seek improvements in our business practices that will further enhance our positive environmental credentials.

We encourage all our people and stakeholders to take responsibility for the environment around us, with a strong focus on promoting environmental risk awareness.

As part of our environmental commitment we have set a goal to be single use plastic free by 2020. Click here to view our objectives and how we hope to achieve this.

Safety Culture

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